Katrin Aason

Katrin is a Canadian artist born in Vancouver, British Columbia; in 1990 she moved to Costa Rica where she has been living ever since and developing herself artistically.

In 2006 she graduated from Veritas University majoring in Graphic Design, However her passion for painting was far greater.

 Having exhibited in various countries like Costa Rica, Canada and the United States has made her win many distinctions with her paintings of women in a technique that she has made her own, the weave.


When talking about her work, she explains;


 Women have always been considered to be the weaker of the sexes, although I’ve never thought this to be true; throughout the decades women have proven the opposite.



We are upon times where women are standing up and uniting, fighting this inequality, fighting years of abuse of power, and as it’s been said recently, time’s up.

Time’s up for injustice, times up for trying to pretend something we really aren’t and time’s up for feeling ashamed.


Women play a very important part in my work as I love to represent their strength as well as their fragility, their determination and their vulnerability and by weaving my paintings I also create different perceptions for me and for the spectator.


Weaving, also considered a “woman’s task” in many civilizations allows me to create a piece that can be completely different to the eye simply by how you look at it, up close or from afar. Each strip becomes a fragment, a pixel, an experience, a scar that makes that person we see before us.


Therefore I invite you to come closer, to see, to experience all that is obvious and hidden, and get lost in the intricacy of the psyche. 

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