Katrin Aason

Katrin is a Canadian artist born in Vancouver, British Columbia; in 1990 she moved to Costa Rica where she has been living ever since and developing herself artistically.

In 2006 she graduated from Veritas University majoring in Graphic Design, However her passion for painting was far greater.


She has always been known to paint nudes of women or faces. She's always been fascinated on drawing faces and showing their emotions and letting the people come up with their own story behind every piece. At a very young age she decided to portray women's role in society and how they have to comply with the different ideals and stereotypes that exist and touching very delicate subjects in her pieces such as female genital mutilation, sexual slavery, the ideal of a perfect body, etc.

In 2014 she still wanted to paint women but in a different light, empowering them and started with the series "Mujeres"  10 women all very different but with one thing in common, they are all strong, they are all unique, the pieces that continue to come along show without a doubt how much Katrin is enjoying herself through her paintings.

Living in Costa Rica has influenced her tremendously with the vibrant use of colour and showing women in a very confident yet sensual manner. However like she says " I have the best of both worlds, coming from two beautiful and different countries, Costa Rica and Canada."


In 2015 Aason became an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and has exhibited twice with them; first in September for "Painting on the Edge" and in January 2016 for "Works on Paper."


In addition to her painting she is also giving art classes to children because "I want to show them how beautiful painting can be, how gratifying and fulfilling, I want them to see my passion and maybe just maybe brush off some of that passion on them."



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