Mujeres, a collection of paintings that shows very strong women all with very different personalities. As Katrin clearly states "these paintings come at a time where I am connecting again with myself and with what I enjoy painting the most, women, faces, showing their emotions, showing how strong women can be and now a days are. I do identify with each and every one, you could say they are all a little bit of myself."

There's Victoria -The Intelectual, Carolina- The Seductress, Rebecca...she's the rebel, and so on. However colour is very important in these paintings, not the usual colour scheme you would see in portraits, realism, cartoonist drawings and pop art are a crucial combination to obtain the final piece.

So please take a look at each one...what do you think their life is like? What could be going on in their heads? With which one do you identify with? Do tell...

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