According to a legend, “There is a battle between two wolves inside each one of us. One is evil, it is anger, envy, hatred, selfishness, pride, aggressiveness. The other is good. It is joy, peace, love, sympathy, generosity, compassion and faith...

The boy asks his grandfather: and which wolf wins? The old man simply answers: The one you feed the most."

I call these two wolves, Angels and Demons. That fight we have between good and evil. Some soft voices that try to persuade us to do or justify some negative action, while others make us see more clearly, hoping that we will make the best decision.

Depending on the circumstance, we go through different stages and emotions. Some of them: doubt, anguish, sadness, security... and faith. We have hope and accept the decision we have to make; and trying to do, in most cases what will be best for us.

In this series we see a fragile and delicate fabric made up of hundreds of black threads that together form an image. Each work being an analysis of the emotions felt during this battle.

In the same way, there is a reappearance of the faces that characterize my work, in a more free flowing way, simulating rapid sketches whose lines show their essence in a way that seems incomplete.

The background  is made from aluminum, recycled sheets and that were sanded in a circular motion to add body and symbolism. The circle represents divine illumination and protection, our being and its infinite evolution. Flashes of light bounce off it generating different effects and reflections, one that could bring us hope.

In those moments of struggle is when we most long for peace and clarity, but we do not get it because the biggest demon we have is ourselves. It is when we separate our emotions and objectively think that we see the light, that angel... putting aside our turbulence and putting our best face to the future.


Rafael Omar Perez, cuban art critic and advisor  wrote in regards to the series, 


"El arte textil irrumpe y se consolida en lo contemporáneo desligándose de lo artesanal a partir de la década de los 60 y los 70. Un lenguaje propio de gran espectro lo diversifica en la costura, y el tejido, donde el hilo, incluso desmadejado expresa conceptos, sentimientos o símbolos de referentes, estilos insondables que nos pueden transportar a influencias étnicas remotas. 

Las fibras pueden hablar y moverse, se emanciparon para estar presentes en bienales, ferias y museos de gran prestigio internacional.


A visita de águila recorro "Ángeles y Demonios"  de Katrin Aason, un desliz de hilo entretejido, dibujado, reforzado en las sombras libertinas sobre tensas cuerdas musicales que me recuerdan las rectas posturas casi obligadas de algunos dogmas sociales. A mi suerte tropiezo con haces luminosos de metal bruñido, elemento sorpresa que no imaginé, en el contexto de las obras pues casi siempre queda relegado a sostén o soporte, sin embargo, conjugado en cada pieza emite la luz de aquellos ángeles que rondan los espacios que Katrin nos propone, posiblemente para mitificar la expresión de sus rostros por cada hilacha concebida."





TURBIA CLARIDAD. woven string over aluminum.  27 x 19in. 2020

UNA BATALLA OCULTA. woven string /acrylic over aluminum. 27 x 19in.2020

SABES QUE NO DEBES PERO QUIERES. woven string over aluminum. 27 x 19in. 2020

IMPLORACION DIVINA. woven string over aluminum. 27 x 19in. 2020

A VECES MIRO AL CIELO. woven string over aluminum.  27 x 19in. 2020

MALDITA TENTACIÓN. woven string over aluminum. 27 x 19in. 2020 

ENTRE EL BIEN Y EL MAL. woven string/acrylic over aluminum. 27 x 19in. 2020

ALMA EN VILO. woven string over aluminum. 27 x 19in. 2020

PAZ INTERIOR. woven string over aluminum. 27 x 19in. 2020

DE CARA AL FUTURO. woven string over aluminum. 27 x 19in. 2020