Katrin is a Canadian artist born in Vancouver, British Columbia; in 1990 she moved to Costa Rica where she has been living ever since and developing herself artistically.

In 2006 she graduated from Veritas University majoring in Graphic Design, However her passion for painting was far greater.

 Having exhibited in various countries like Costa Rica, Canada and the United States has made her win many distinctions with her paintings of women in a technique that she has made her own, the weave.


She says, "Weaving, also considered a “woman’s task” in many civilizations allows me to create a piece that can be completely different to the eye simply by how you look at it, up close or from afar. Each strip becomes a fragment, a pixel, an experience, a scar that makes up the piece we see before us."


2019 has been pivotal in Aason's work giving emphasis to the weave and symbolism whether it be through colors, shape, or the combination of the two and using it to represent her most inner thoughts and feelings.


With her latest series Transcend being a great success in Cuba this past April, she uses her work to express how all the experiences we go through or people that we meet, for example, aren't placed in our lives by chance, but for a reason, to help us grow and evolve into better human beings. This has led her to start working on her current body of work entitled Angels & Demons, an inner battle we face on a daily basis, it just depends on us, who wins...stay tuned.


Therefore come closer, see, experience,  all that is obvious and hidden, and get lost in the intricacy of the psyche. 



*Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists




2022- X International Biennale of Contemporary Textile Art WTA, Omar Dengo Foundation, Costa Rica.

2022- X International Biennale of Contemporary Textile Art, National Gallery, Costa Rica.

2021- Two-Dimensional Biennale Marco Aurelio Aguilar, Cartago Municipal Museum.

2021- Every Woman Biennale, Copeland Gallery, London.

2019 “Trascender” Biennale Habana 2019. Open Studio and exhibition. Concept created by the Biennale, alongside Cuban artist Eduardo Abela Torrás.


Fairs: -

2017- Red Dot Miami, Jorge Jurado Art Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia


Solo shows: -

2022- A- Simetría Concreta- Itinerant, Cartago Municipal Museum, Costa Rica

2022- A-Simetría Concreta, National Gallery, San José, Costa Rica

2020- Ángeles & Demonios Cartago Municipal Museum, Costa Rica

2018- Textile Symposium. FCA Gallery, Vancouver Canada, invited to represent the Federation of Canadian Artists during the Textile Symposium hosted in Vancouver.

2016-2017 “Entre Tejidos y Telares, VIP Juan Santa María Airport, Costa Rica

2016- “Sinergia” Haussmark Designer District, Costa Rica

2015- “1+1=1,” Galería Matices, CRCC, San José Costa Rica

2015- “Mujeres,” CNFL, San José Costa Rica


Group shows: -

2023- PI Art Festival, Kamalio Gallery, Islita, Costa Rica.

2022- Inclaudicables, Cuarto 37 Gallery. Klaus Steinmetz Contemporary, San José, Costa Rica.

2021- Exclamaciones Compartidas. The Light Gallery and José Amar Gallery, Medellín

2021- RELAC-ARTE “Mirada Latinoamericana Actual, Brasil

2021- VALOARTE, Artflow Gallery

2019- “Arte con Causa” Las Palmas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

2018- Costa Rican Artists Explore Space, Jacob Babchuk Gallery, San José, Costa Rica

2018- “Amazonas Luchando por la vida” National Gallery, Costa Rica

2018- “Arte” Matices Gallery, San José, Costa Rica

2018- Alchemic Body. FIRE. AIR. WATER. EARTH, Jorge Jurado Art Gallery Bogotá, Colombia

2018- Active Member Exhibition, FCA Gallery, Vancouver Canada

2017- Sueños Despiertos, AG Gallery, San José Costa Rica

2017, The Lawley Art Group, Dallas Texas. USA

2017- Bendita Corazón, Sculpture exhibition in various locations, Costa Rica

2017- “Canvas Unbound” FCA Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2016- Postcard Competition and Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada

2016- “Works on Paper,” FCA Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2015- “Painting on the Edge” FCA Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2015-  “Colectiva de Artistas” Galería Matices, CRCC, San José, Costa Rica

2015- “Recuérdame los años dorados” 2258 Gallery, San José, Costa Rica

2014- “Colectiva de Artistas” Matices Gallery, CRCC, San José, Costa Rica

2001- “Untitled” National Gallery, San José, Costa Rica


Causes supported and active participations: -

2023- Member of the Foundation of the Museum of Arts and Contemporary Design, Costa Rica.

2019- Member of the Association of Costa Rican Visual Artists

2019-Rescat-ARTE, Las Pumas Rescue Center

2018- Amazonas Luchando por la vida, Fundación Daniel.

2015-ongoing: President of the Arts and Culture Committee, Costa Rica Country Club

2015- Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists

2015- Art Combat Judge

2014- Second Place National Winner, Art Combat, Costa Rica

2014- Women against Cancer, Nescafe Dolce Gusto


Press: -

2018- Traffic Magazine, Costa Rica- USA

2016- Viviendo el Diseño, Art and Design Magazine, Costa Rica

2016- “Painting in the life of Katrin Aason” Art Avenue Magazine, Canada

2015- “Painting on the Edge” edition

2015- “Art Combat llegó a su final” La República, Costa Rica


Art Residencies: -

2020- 2022- Arquetopia Foundation- Honors Alumni Residency program, 17 months virtual, 1 month in person. Puebla, Mexico.

2019- Arquetopia Foundation in Cusco, Perú, artist residency and textile course (backstrap weave)



2020-2022 – Diploma in Western Art History, Aurica Arte y Cultura, Mexico City, Mexico.

Bachelor in Graphic Design