Transcend in Havana- an Astounding Success

On April 18th "Transcend" was inaugurated in Havana, Cuba. A joint exhibition with Cuban artist Eduardo Abela Torras.

With over a hundred people in attendance, it proved to be a favorite among the people, the simplicity and elegance of the pieces, the various interpretations and the meaning behind it, made several identify with the exhibition and the message it sent.

"We are all supposed to learn from each experience we go through, eliminate everything and anything that is toxic, learn to forgive others and ourselves to ultimately reach a level of spiritual transcendence..."

Starting at around 7pm, the hours passed, and everyone enjoyed themselves to the rhythm of great music and warm hospitality that identify the Cuban people until the late hours of the night.

Months of hard work had definitely paid off as Aason received compliment after compliment.

The first of many exhibitions to come in Havana.


The exhibition will be up during the month of the Havana Biennale.

Complete Synergy in Haussmark Designer District

"Twilight" to become a postcard at the FCA

Both "Twilight" and "For the love of Pop" are currently being exhibited by the Federation of Canadian artists for the Postcard competition.

After having all the pieces juried, "Twilight" received an Honourable mention making it one of the six paintings that will be printed and sold as postcards at the Federation of Canadian Artists in Granville Island.

It is definitely an incredible honour and we hope "Twilight" reaches many people all over the world!

Please see the amazing paintings that are part of this exhibition.

Back in Vancouver- "Works on Paper"

2016 begins with Katrin A. back in Vancouver, B.C. with her piece "Under the Scope" for the "Works on Paper" exhibition. This exhibition will feature active and Signature Members of the Federation of Canadian Artists. 

It will be open from the 19th to the 31st of January so if you're near Granville Island be sure to stop by!

Hopefully this will be the first of many exhibitions this year with the Federation and in Canada.

Solo Exhibition "1+1=1" was a SUCCESS!

Last night was the opening of Katrin's solo exhibition "1+1=1", where she presented twenty pieces of her woven artwork.
All showed great character, strength and diverse use of colour and colour combination.
With over a hundred people in attendance, enjoying the art, music in charge of Costa Rican DJ Fran Soto and fine wine, everyone was able to see first hand and understand how Katrin does her pieces and their meaning.

"We live in a world where physical interaction is basically non existent; so we don't get to know the people and what makes them who they are. We are all made up of flaws and qualities, each one of those strips is a flaw or quality that combined make that person, and the image surfaces to the final piece you have before you." says Katrin

Nine pieces were sold on opening night and hopefully more will find there home as the exhibition will be up for the whole month of November. Be sure to pass by if you are near the Country Club!

Vancouver- An amazing experience...

"Caught in a moment" from the series "1+1=1" was one of the 60 pieces of art chosen for the Painting on the Edge exhibition, held by the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver, British Columbia.
The objective for this exhibition was to challenge  the painter and show their artwork in an unconventional manner therefore challenging the public as well: and Katrin's weaving did just that. 

The exhibition will be up until September 6th at the Federations Gallery in Granville Island.

Group Exhibition at the Costa Rica Country Club was a hit!

The opening for the Country Club's group exhibition was a success!

Katrin participated in this exhibition with two of her latest paintings; "When B/W met colour" and "On the road again" which caught the attention of all those who attended, admiring and wondering how the paintings were made. They stood out as being vibrant, colourful and most importantly very different as it is a very uncommon technique and the thought that reigned among everyone was "I've never seen this before."

We are also glad to announce that one of the paintings has already been purchased. "On the road again" has a new home. Thank you very much!!!

Now the next stop is, Vancouver. 

Katrin's individual exhibition "Mujeres" was just shown in the Compañia Nacional de Fuerza y Luz in San Jose, Costa Rica during the month of June 2015.

       Art Combat 2014- Off to the finals

Photographs by Roberto Vanderlaat

Art Combat The Final- Article in "La Republica"